Joonas Siren
b.1983, lives/works in Helsinki Finland


2013 Master of Fine Arts, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in the Time & Space -department.

2012 Master of Fine Arts, Nordic Sound Art, joint study program

2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in the Time & Space -department.

2003-2008 Helsinki University undergraduate studies (major Japanese studies, minor art history, aesthetics and film and TV-studies)

exhibitions and projects

Kadonnut aika, 16-channel sound installation/joint exhibition, Forum Box -gallery, Helsinki (7.-30.4.2023)

Chaosmosis, generative internet project / music video,, the internet

Toinen laji, (joint exhibition with Milka Luhtaniemi), Forum Box -gallery, Helsinki (23.7.-15.8.2021)

Juha The Unemployed, (video game), released digitally 14.5.2021 on

Clear Blue Water (remix), (installation), Hello Dust’s curatorial project “Consultations” at Outo Olo gallery, Helsinki (17.10.-18.10.2020)

Anti-Blashemia, (installation), Nastola’s Summer group exhibition, Nastola (2.7.-30.8.2020)

Untitled, (site spesific sound and light installation) with Helmi Kajaste, Helmi Kajaste’s exhibition “BUILD, SUFFER AND FORGET” -exhibition at Oksasenkatu11 gallery, Helsinki (4.-21.6.2020)

Softbed, (solo exhibition/Twitch stream performance) Kosminen-gallery, Helsinki (7.12.-22.12.2019)

Feissari, (sound installation, part of an outside group exhibition ‘Freedom to Roam’) Kruunuvuori, Helsinki 8.9.2019

Off, (durational performance / installation) with Milka Luhtaniemi, Nicolina Stylianou, Elena Rekola, Tiivistämö, Helsinki (7.4.2018)

4e6f6d6164, (joint exhibition/installation) with Hermanni Keko, Third Space -gallery, Helsinki (19.1.-27.1.2018)

Sleep Paralysis, (joint exhibition) with Jukka Hautamäki & Tuukka Haapakorpi, Myymälä2-gallery, Helsinki (19.10.-12.11.2017)

Neo-Walden, (installation), LAPSody Festival 2017, Theater Academy, University of Arts Helsinki (24.-27.5.2017)

Blänk, (installation / performance) with Milka Luhtaniemi, Jussi Suvanto & Terhi Nieminen, Oksasenkatu11 gallery & Asematila art space, Helsinki (10.-11.3.2017 & 13.-14.4.2017)

I’m Virtual, (sound installation), Imaginarium -exhibition, Ailan taidegalleria, Helsinki (30.4.-22.5.2016)

Can You Hear the Grasshoppers Sing?, (sound installation), Galleria Harmaa, Turku (21.4.-22.5.2016)

Pyhäinjäännös / Residue of Sacred, joint exhibition with Hermanni Keko, Oksasenkatu11 gallery, Helsinki (17.3.-24.3.2016)

Can You Hear the Grasshoppers Sing?, (multi-channel audiowork), part of Jussi Koitela’s Skills of Economy Session – Beginning from the End -event, Kiasma theater, Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma, Helsinki (20.2.2016)

Pyhäinjäännös, joint exhibition with Hermanni Keko, Art Chapel Betesda, Siipyy, Kristiinankaupunki (3.7-5.7.2015)

Can You Hear the Grasshoppers Sing?, (sound installation), Free Art Space, Helsinki (12.4.2015)

Sustained Magic, (sound installation), Free Art Space, Helsinki (15.2.2015)

Time Fractures, (sound installation), BS Projects 2013-2014 -exhibition, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany (22.10.-7.11.2014)

I’m Virtual, (sound installation), Foursome exhibition, Kutomo, Turku (4.7.-13.7.2014)

Land Art in Minecraft , (internet project) Spring 2014

Can You Hear the Grasshoppers Sing?, (sound installation), Avatar co-op, Le Center Meduse, Quebec City, Canada (5.12.-20.12.2013)

Fall/Rapture, (sound installation), Spring Exhibition of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki (8.5.-2.6.2013)

Ether Vortex and Other Fantasies About Infinity, (solo exhibition), The Gallery of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki (22.3.-7.4.2013)

Vexations (x2) (whitecololors project 8), (concert series organized/initiated with other member of whitecolors), Café Kiasma, Helsinki (12.10.2012)

Metal on Metal on Metal, with Eero Pulkkinen, (site-specific sound installation), LAK Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark (6.9.-10.9.2012)

New Atlantis :: Sound House with Maiju Jouppi, Eero Pulkkinen, Lauri Wuolio and Jani Purhonen, (group site-specific sound installation), Kruunuvuori, Helsinki (29.08.2012)

Glossolalia, (sound installation), Soundings 2 – Nordic Sound Art Graduate Show, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark (27.4.-2.6.2012)

Materian Taajuudet / Material Frequencies, (site-specific sound installation), Sibafest, Helsinki Music Centre (27.1.-4.2.2012)

Mylly The Mill with Hannu Siren, (site-specific sound/light intervention), Fiskars Village (26.11.-5.2.2012)

Genetic Transformation of Betula Pendula, (sound installation), Post Natura exhibition part of Lens Politica Festival, Fafa Gallery, Helsinki (18.–27.11.2011)

Shandon Bells, (site-specific sound installation), Cork, Ireland (9.-10.09.2011)

Feedback Tunnel (whitecolors project 3), (site-specific sound installation), The island of Harakka, Helsinki (23.8.-26.8.2011)

Metal on Metal on Metal (whitecolors project 2), with Eero Pulkkinen, (site-specific sound installation), Kalasatama Container Square, Helsinki (19.8.-21.08.2011)

Dream House (whitecolors project 1), (24 hour concert organized/initiated with other members of whitecolors), Harakka island, Helsinki (22.-23.6.2011)

Rainforest IV, (group exhibition/installation/concert), Realization of composer David Tudors’ sound art piece/installation from the year 1973, Singuhr gallery, Berlin, Germany (27.5-19.6.2011)

Water Frequencies (part 2 – a continuation), (sound work played in underwater soundsystem), Spor Festival Århus Denmark (8.5.2011)

Ah, nuo kultaiset hetket /Ah, Those Golden Moments, (60h long video work), Kaiku gallery, Helsinki (18.-30.1.2011)

Digital Sun pt1, (digital print on aluminium), Hitaasti palava sydän (trans. Slowly burning heart) exhibition, Kaiku gallery, Helsinki (23.9.-3.10.2010)

Sound Cycles, (sound installation), Gizmology presents: Intertwinings exhibition, Kaiku gallery, Helsinki (12.-28.3.2010)

Grid, (video installation), Altparty festival (23.-25.10.2009)

Degersjö, (video), Viewpoints on Fiskars Village exhibition, Kuparipaja, Fiskars (4.10.-22.11.2009)

For FSTELLA, (video), 0dB-festival in Tampere (21.2.2009)


released records as Forces

Inertia, released by Infinite Machine, July 2022

Epoch, released by Gin & Platonic, March 2020

Climate Denial Machine, released by Bio Future Laboratory, December 2018

Dynamics, released by Conditional Records, October 2018

Plastisphere, released by Genot Centre, March 2018


selected live sound/music performances

19.06.2022 Punctum, Prague, Czech Republic as Forces

17.11.2021 Corsica Studios, London UK as Forces

14.8.2021 Hunajanjyvä -event, Kauttua, Finland as Forces

13.3.2021 Failed Units / TAR, Commons Multiverse Initiative, live streaming gig as Forces

17.1.2020 Parsimony #3 -event, Espace B, Paris, France as Forces

19.10.2019 Üle Heli festival, Tallinn, Estonia as Forces

27.7.2019 Ilmiö festival, Turku Finland as Forces

17.5.2019 Kontula Electronic, Helsinki as Forces

12.4.2019 DOTEK, Olomouc, Cz (live streaming performance) as Forces

19.5.2018 SIAM – BLISSFULLY YOURS -event, Helsinki as Forces

27.7.2017 Norberg festival, Norberg, Sweden, as Forces

12.11.2016 HYTKY 20 Year anniversary party, Suvilahti, Helsinki as Forces

1.10.2016 SIAM, Helsinki UG as Forces

13.7.2016 Flow Festival, Helsinki as Tietokoneduo J&J (Joonas Siren & Jani Purhonen)

13.5.2016 Kuudes Linja as Forces

12.3.2016 Kolari, Vallila ug, 13.5.2016 Kuudes Linja as Forces

6.6.2015 Maaimanlopun odottajat IV, Cable Factory, Helsinki as Zealous (Hermanni Keko & Joonas Siren)

28.9.2014 Oksasenkatu 11 Gallery, Helsinki as Köötte (free collective of electronic experimental musicians

4.7.2014 Oksasenkatu 11 Gallery, Helsinki as Tietokoneduo J&J (Joonas Siren & Jani Purhonen)

11.6.2014 Maaimanlopun odottajat III, Muumilaakso, Helsinki as Cleavage (Joonas Siren & Tuukka Salonen)

5.12.2013 Soireé Noise -event, Quebec City, Canada

3.8.2013 Kesähuone, Helsinki as Younghusband

28.7.2013 as Cleavage, Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki

3.12.2012 New Muu exhibition, ‘Live Modular’ performance, live improvisation with modular synthesizer as Younghusband

12.10.2012 Vexations (x2) event at Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma as Younghusband

4.5.2012 Lähiradio (100.3 MHz) Dream House on air as Cleavage

13.4.2012 Lydgalleriet, Bergen, solo work “Exploring Amen (8 channel)”

3.12.20122 Laterna Magica Helsinki as Cleavage

22-23.6.2011 Harakka, Helsinki the Dream House concert as Cleavage

21.4.2011 Kutomo, Turku as Cleavage

7.4.2011 4for8-event (Freelab – Tangible Auditory Interfaces lab – University of Art & Desing) – an 8-channel sound work called Glossolalia.

4.4.2011 Trondheim Academy of Art as Puukkojunkkarit (with Flopper Mastrup)

10.3.2011 Finnish Academy of Fine Art, playing as part of Nordic Sound Art ensemble with RANK Ensemble (ending concert of Improvisation workshop by Shinji Kanki)

19.11.2010 Finnish Academy of Fine Art as Cleavage

11.11.2010 Landmark, Bergen solo work “Exploring Amen”

23.7.2010 Kalleria, Helsinki as Cleavage

29.6.2010 Ptarmigan, Helsinki as Cleavage

25.5.2010 Magneetti, Helsinki as Cleavage



2013 September-December Quebec City, Canada. Residency at Avatar – La Coopérative Méduse. Finnish Artist Studio Foundation Grant.



Braunschweig Hochschüle für Bildende Künste BS Projects. Scholarship for Sound Artists. May 2014 – October 2014.



Member of the Finnish interdisciplinary artist association Muu ry



whitecolors Joonas Siren and Eero Pulkkinen initiated a new collective for site-specific installations on April 2011

Aavemaa (in English: Spook Country) A weekly experimental radio program hosted by Tuukka Salonen and Joonas Siren on Lähiradio 100.3 MHz. Started 12.08.2012 and ended 26.5.2013.

Venice Biennale 2013 Sound editing/recording for Terike Haapoja’s installation in the Finnish Pavilion.

Artist Assistant at dOCUMENTA13 in Kassel, Germany. Assisting artist Tarek Atoui, 2012


other releases

Tietokoneduo J&J / LOST SNIVEL split tape, HYSTER tapes, Autumn 2014

Muu For Ears 9 – Collection of Finnish and Norwegian Sound Art and Experimental Music. Tracks ‘Cosmic Rays from Planet Altar’ by Younghusband and ‘Exploring Amen’ (part 2) by Joonas Siren. Spring 2012

Cleavage – Is It Real, Does I Matter Self-released. Summer 2011.

Cleavage – Untitled (double cassette) Self-released. Winter 2010.


attended workshops

8.3.-12.3.2011 Hacketeria workshop by Marc R. Dusseiller and Andy Gracie at Pixelache Festival Helsinki 2011

13.3.-15.3.2010 Neaderthal Electronic workhop by Derek Holzer at Pixelache festival Helsinki 2010