clear blue water (remix)

clear blue water (remix)
Hello Dust‘s Consultation #1 series of events at Outo Olo gallery, Helsinki October 2020
Joonas’ event at 17-18.10.2020
computer, 6-speaker multichannel generative audio, programming: custom processing program & custom supercollider program

During October, Outo olo is inhabited by Hello dust – the curatorial duo of Essi Kausalainen and Mikko Kuorinki – along with three invited artists. Joonas Siren (Forces), Laura Cemin and Taneli Viljanen will be working in the space for one week each, opening the doors for the public on the weekend. The basis of each working period is formed by conversation, or private consultations, in which questions run both ways between Hello dust and the invited artist.

Joonas Siren will be working on a spatial, thematical, and temporal remix of Oceanlab’s 2001 vocal trance track ‘Clear Blue Water’ that was provided by Hello dust as a starting point. Over the weekend, the working process will be open for the public to hear.

The end result was two custom programs that erased the 2001 Vocal Trance hit ‘Clear Blue Water’. A still from the music video + the lyrics of the song were slowly erasing itself during 5 hours – the length of the opening hours. Also the track was heavily granularized and panned to 6 speakers randomly. Starting at 12 and ending at 17, a SuperCollider program was slowly scrolling the track through, also an act of disappearing the clear blue waters.


Video documentation by Mikko Kuorinki