Joonas Siren (they/them)

Joonas Siren (b.1983, lives/works in Helsinki, Finland) has graduated as Master of Fine Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and also from the joint-study program Nordic Sound Art co-organized between five different Nordic Art Academies. They work with multidisciplinary methods, often using sound as an artistic material, but not in a musical sense. The art works are mainly installations, usually containing computer programmed parts.

One of Siren’s key interest is the concept of ephemereality, how ephemereal subjects like sound & light can break their inherent structure and form deeper tangible meanings. Another is the baudrillardian concept of virtuality, how everything is an hologram or hallucination of “reality”. The futuristic and transhumanist approach to singularity and how that could change the human condition is also one of the main inspirations to Siren, although they are not an advocate of it. Science, technology and the notion of transcendence often meet in in Siren’s works.


Constantly mutating rhythms and sharp digital textures shape the sound of Forces. Forces is the electronic music project of Finnish interdisciplinary artist Joonas Siren. Different live-coding and processing techniques are used to make dense atomized swirls; electronic and sometimes chaotic abstract oceans of sound. Forces’ music has been released on mappaInfinite Machine, Gin & Platonic, Genot Centre, Conditional and Bio Future Laboratory, and has also been played in mixes by experimental producers like Aphex Twin, Daniel Ruane and ZULI.

released records as Forces:
Chim​æ​ras released by mappa, August 2023
Inertia, released by Infinite Machine, July 2022
Epoch, released by Gin & Platonic, March 2020
Climate Denial Machine, released by Bio Future Laboratory, December 2018
Dynamics, released by Conditional Records, October 2018
Plastisphere, released by Genot Centre, March 2018

Interview in Paris, January 2020 about music practice as Forces: