materian taajuudet

materian taajuudet
(engl. material frequencies)
site-spesific sound installation
Sibafest, Helsinki Music Centre 27.1.-4.2.2012

Materian taajuudet (Material Frequencies) investigates the formant frequency of different materials in Helsinki Music Centre. Every material has its on frequency, where it starts to resonate. I find this physical aspect of sound very interesting and I wanted to make a sound installation, which uses this phenomenon.

Seven transducer speakers has been mounted on different materials in the Music Centre’s foyer. I have searched the formant frequency with simple changing the pitch of sine wave oscillator. I programmed a computer to play this frequencies in a matter of random composition. The programs also plays each frequencies overtone.

I want to direct focus to spaciality. Sounds from different sources creates a spacial experience, which can be experienced from different parts of the building.