joint sound and light installation together with helmi kajaste
Presented in Helmi Kajaste’s exhibition “BUILD, SUFFER AND FORGET” -exhibition at Oksasenkatu 11 gallery June 2020

Sound example:


5-channel site-spesific generative audio & light work with one studio monitor + four transducer speakers and a green flood light. The piece was a spatial and aural commentary on the recently published essay book by Helmi Kajaste “Rakenna, Kärsi ja Unhoita” published by Kosmos.

The exhibition text:


Helmi Kajaste’s exhibition is based on the book Rakenna, kärsi ja unhoita (Build, suffer and forget) published in January of 2020. The book deals with architecture’s relation to time and change in films.

The exhibition shows ink drawings, some of which were illustrations in the book. There are also scale models created specially for the exhibition.

In the gallery’s basement there is an installation made together with sound artist Joonas Siren.

Helmi Kajaste is a Helsinki-based architect, artist and doctoral researcher.