new album + final weekend!

Heeyy, me and my dear friend Miša Skalskis (ang3l_sp1der) have a new album out as Angelforces! 💜✨

Two years ago we opened for Roc of EVOL at VTT and I guess he liked it enough, so he got us in contact with Chris of Superpang label.

I have been really digging Superpang for some years as it has similar computer music / experimental music vibes as early Mego records, which was an important label for me to 22-20 years ago, so it’s very nice to release the album with them.

The album consist of the improvisational livecoded base material we made for the gig. But we have slowly editing it for almost two years, making more interesting spatial / pitch manipulations, so it’s not the pure SC/synth recordings.

Thanks a lot to Roc! Also for the mastering:)

Also, the final weekend of Liminal Objects is at hand at the gallery Sculptor

Here’s Sculptor gallery’s interview of me (in Finnish though), where I explain my thoughts about the game/installation