data leap

A new Algorave Helsinki event, a first one in five years! It’s called data leap and it takes place next Friday 1.3. I’m going to play there as Forces and I was thinking to play more rave focused set than my few recent ones. See u there!

Algorave Helsinki & WHS Teatteri Union present

data leap

CASSALPOPOLO & julesvisuaalinen
Kalle Rasinkangas
pulu & Twilight Courier
Trauma Responses

glitchy grooves, metamorphosing melodies, turbulent textures, algorithmic ambiences and beyond!

data leap is a celebration of audio-visual art created with idiosyncratic technological methods. we present live performances and an interactive installation showcasing the creative practices of artists working with algorithms, data and electronics.

Algorave Helsinki is a community of people in the Helsinki area interested in livecoding, generative art and related topics.
we organize periodic meetups to share knowledge, ideas and personal projects.

the term ”algorave” (from algorithm + rave) was coined in 2011 by Alex McLean and Nick McCollins, and has since grown from the UK to a worldwide movement. Although our community is called Algorave Helsinki, we perform a variety of musical styles not limited to ”rave music”.

WHS Teatteri Union
Siltavuorenranta 18
Tickets: 15 / 10 €

A discount ticket for everyone who feels entitled to a discount.

“Temporal Passage” installation open 28.2.–2.3.