forces chim​æ​ras album released!

My new Forces record Chim​æ​ras is released! It came out just yesterday on the awesome slovakian label mappa

you can listen it here:

or from the embedded:

About the album:

I recorded it about one year and two months ago at Elektronmusikstudion EMS Stockholm where I was having a longer six weeks residency. Back then, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing there. Every day I went to the studio, and was just doing these strange jams, mostly using the forgotten hardware rack synths of the 90s and SuperCollider audio & MIDI manipulations + a few Serge and Buchla modular jams as well.

When I came back home from the residency, I started cutting-pasting those different recordings together. I tried to form tracks which would have two-or-three very different tonalities, but having some kind of inherent – but weird – logic. The topic of a chimera came quickly to mind and I decided that the whole album should be comprised of sonic chimeras.

At that time I was also reading about one of the Black-something named companies (Blackstone?), which is a huge company doing plenty of different things, and also a weapon manufacturer. I started to think about how different mega-corporations can have these chimeric limbs – each limb operating in vastly different fields, some extra sinister and some more normal household-items, and how those firms can easily hide their true nature. The tracks are named after mythological chimeras and these arms manufacturers.

I guess that’s most what I want to say about the album:)

Huge thanks to Jakub of Mappa of taking care of everything! ❤ Really love the work Jakub is doing with the label.

Also thanks to marutonkun for the rad cover, Adam Badí Donoval for mastering and Tristan Bath for the album text at Bandcamp!