new forces album chim​æ​ras released soon!

I have a new Forces album coming out soon on the amazing mappa! The pre-order is out now (with few premiere tracks). I’ll post more about it when the actual album comes out.🙂

Forces – Chim​æ​ras
Pre-order, cassette, digital
Out August 10, 2023

Named after the mythological hybrid of the chimaera, Forces’ first collection for mappa was put together in a similar fashion. The sounds all stem from a fruitful residency at Stockholm’s EMS Elektronmusikstudion in May & June 2022, leading to a bounty of source material with which to build. The sounds and concept are equally chimeric, stringing together disparate and unintuitive jams, the music mimicking the multi-limbed, sewn together beasts of both creative open source coding and destructive multinational concerns who hide their cores amid endless appendages. Like Doctor Moreau, Forces – aka Finnish artist Joonas Siren – weaves wildly varying attributes into something new, from short-circuiting 8-bit dream ambience to fractured digital groans, drones, and noisy freakouts.

Recorded, coded, composed, performed & mixed by Forces (Joonas Siren)

Recorded at EMS Stockholm, June 2022, with the digital synths of the “90’s wagon” synth rack, and the SuperCollider programming language
Artwork by Marutonkun
Mastered by Adam Badí Donoval
Words by Tristan Bath
Photography by Zoltan Czakó
Released by mappa as MAP039 in 2023