performance at the drifts festival

I’m very glad that I was asked to perform a Forces set at the amazing Drifts festival!

This is the third iteration of Drifts and I had so much fun last year.

I think this year has a loaded lineup and I’m planning a completely new set for the festival.

Here’s my text about the performance:

For the Drifts festival Forces will make a special set utilizing the early 00s groovebox E-mu Xtreme Lead-1 as a main sound source. The performance will explore the contingencies of the SuperCollider programming language together with the Rave inspired presets of the E-mu synthesizer/drum machine.

The utopian qualities of Rave music will meet the chaos of algorithmically triggered MIDI events. The theme of Ungoverned Lives is reflected aurally; from the collapsing and unstable structures new kinds of possibilities will arise.

My set time is at 17 next Saturday (30th of September) at the Energy Hall of Museum of Techonology.

It’s a pretty unique place for a festival so looking really forward. Among the other artist playing are bela, AGF, Amnesia Scanner, Kaino Wennerstrand & Murrettumeri, An Tul and nkisi!