liminal objects still on!

Hey, just wanted to post that my Liminal Objects solo exhibition / videogame installation is still on until the 25th of February 2024 at the Sculptor Studio gallery.

I already included the solo exhibition on my works page as well:

Maybe few words more; I started thinking about this project a few years ago. I guess it boils down to that I wanted to make a playable game where u walk into a facsimile of the same gallery, where u are playing the game. But I also wanted the game taking place in the future, after maybe some catastrophic ecological collapse.

So in the game u can walk into the future Sculptor, and there on a shiny pedestal, there is a randomly spawning,
liminal object.

Some of the models are abstract shapes I have made in Blender, some from classic video games (Mario, Zelda etc), some are photogrammetrified trash from last Summer around Kalasatama, some museum collections like ancient Egyptian sculptures etcetc

I wanted the objects to create this kind large framework of different referencies ranging from art history, to artifacts of our current time whether they are virtual or “actual”. Kind of a shifting liminality of meanings projecting from the objects.

The installation part consist of garbage that I gathered last year from the wastelands of Kalasatama. Also a mound of soil which has test tubes inserted. Inside the test tubes there are dandelions picked last summer. I feel that dandelions are a very resilient flower and maybe they can survive the after an apocalypse. In the game, they are also the only flower you can find.

Here’s are some installationg picture:


More on the actual Liminal Objects page:

And finally photographer Aukusti Heinonen’s pic of me playing the game:

If u have time, go/play the exhibition:)