At EMS residency && first single released from the upcoming new Forces album!

Hello all, couple of new news. Writing this from Stockholm where I have moved for six weeks. I was incredible lucky and got a residency in the Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm or EMS as it’s better known. I’m here working every day on pretty varied different synthesis topics. Lately I have been doing some pretty basic (but still indepth for me) signal processing techniques learning like frequency modulation and ring modulation in SuperCollider, but with all kinds of weird signal inputs and lots of modulation sources. Also besided the Buchla and Serge modulars that the studio is most well-known of there is plenty of interesting other modules and synths to try out. Lately I have had super fun with a weird 90’s FM synthesis module EVS-1 from Evolution Synthesis, which is a pretty unknown manufacturer who only made this one module. It’s a multitimbral FM module and it’s super fun to use with SuperCollider and sending random MIDI channels to different presets and see what comes out of. It’s pretty different maybe than to my previous Forces output but still super fun to use to make weird plinkety-plonk sound.

Here is my EMS article about my residency period:

Other news: there will be soon a new Forces album! It’s called Inertia and it’s released by the Mexico City based label Infinite Machine and the first single is already out on IM’s SoundCloud. You can hear it below.