XquisiteForce AV gang at CTM Festival 2021!


I’m very happy to announce that I’m (as Forces) part of SFX labels XquisiteForce AV exhibition with 42 other artists in CTM Festival’s virtual platform Cyberia. There is a slight delay and you should be able to reach the Cyberia interface in couple for days, probably at 23rd of January.

Here is the festival text:

“»XquisiteForce.AV« is a collaborative audiovisual piece, a record of artistic expressions and conversations curated and produced by Alessandra Leone and Zoë Mc Pherson, who together form SFX. The project is addressed to adventurous video and sound artists, with the aim to foster synergetic thinking and making.

The »exquisite corpse« (cadavre exquis) is a surrealist method/technique created in the 1920s by which words and images are collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, having only seen the end of the previous contribution. »Xquisite Force« borrows from the surrealists’ semi-blind and sequential method and asks participants to create sound or video in response to the final fragment of a previous work.

Within CTM Cyberia, this ongoing project features contributions from 43 contributors:

Aho Ssan, A-li-ce, Aylu, Ainissa V, Bonebrokk, Alessandra Leone, Dali de Saint-Paul, Analucia Roeder, Désir d’enfant, Bora, ELLLL, Constant Fernandez, Flore, Geso, Forces, h5io6i54k, Glass, iamunnatural, Gramrcy, Kevin Karanja, Holy Similaun, light.synth, Hulubalang, LUXMEADUX, Jellvako, Malo Lacroix, John Object, Michael Mesiats, Kaltès, Moonth.AV, Katie Gately, Nick Teeple, KMRU, oxoo, Luke Lund,Patrick Defasten, Simon Grab, Petra Hermanova, Tadleeh, Pierce Warnecke, Ziúr, Pierre Tardif, Zoë Mc Pherson, Sam Wiehl, ZULI, Serena Stucke, Software2050, Soyun Park (RGBdog), Testu Collective”