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i’m happy announce a livestreaming event called orchaedia spawn next saturday at www.twitch.tv/orchaediaspawn sunday 30th of january 18.00-22.00 (gmt+2)

function start (){
let load = this.loader.app.load
void(null).start //type: www.twitch.tv/orchaediaspawn
function lineup(){
18.00 (gmt+2)
Harold Hejazi: Adventures of Harriharri Episode II. (film, 56min+ introduction from Harriharri)
19.10 (gmt+2)
Jeremy Couillard & Forces present ESCAPE FROM LAVENDER CITY ISLAND ___ (live game / sound)
20.00 (gmt+2)
Jacqouline Delacroix & Alien Child *LIVE AV
21.00 (gmt+2)

orchaedia spawn is an evening of experimental av works, mostly live and mostly video game related works. initally this was planned as a physical evening but event restrictions made us to do on twitch. it should be loads of fun still!
more info in the facebook event:


other news, me & milka luhtaniemi published a new online kinetic poetry work called “kesken kaikista paikoista” that was published in the nokturno.fi digital and experimental poetry platform. more info about it here: www.joonassiren.fi/kesken-kaikista-paikoista