March 2016

Soon I’ll have an exhibition with Hermanni Keko at Oksasenkatu11 gallery. The exhibition is called Pyhäinjäännös / Residue of Sacred and it is based on an earlier exhibition we did last year at Siipyy near Pori. Here is the exhibition text / picture / fb-event:

Joonas Siren & Hermanni Keko:

Pyhäinjäännös / Residue of Sacred


Go find a treasure at 60°10’29.7″N 25°00’56.7″E
dig a bone up
or mud inside plastic
golden organ
man is a relic
and that is
how things are
that is
things are

Oksasenkatu11 Gallery 18.3-24.3

Opening Thu 17.3. at 6 PM

Open daily 12-6PM

Last day of the exhibition Thu 24.3.