forces in czechia

I have been kind a lazy updating the website, but I had a small micro tour in Czechia as Forces during last March that I want to post here.

I played two shows there, one in Ostrava (the picture above) and one in Prague!

The Ostrava one was in an abandoned Bauhaus hardware store called PLATO and I played there 9th of March 2024. I think it was probably one of better gigs from me and everything went pretty smooth. Also the amazing Atte Elias Kantonen played and had much fun to travel there together! Natálie Pleváková opened for us, and I think all our sets with together great!

The Gin & Platonic label organized the concert and I’m so glad that I know them and released my Epoch album with them back in the day:)

A few days later I played in Prague in a slightly punkish/noise-ish venue called Petrohradská kolektiv. I really dug the vibe there; DIY and grassroots which is awesome. They seem to have a lot of interesting events, talks, workshops and exhibitions there. The performance venue was very intimate and I felt actually pretty nervous playing there as you were playing from a circular couch in the middle of the room and all the audience were around you and super close. But besides that I think it also went pretty good and people seemed liking the set:) My friend Enchanted Lands also played which was awesome as well. We played there Tuesday 12th of March 2024.

Prague pics:

Prague photos by: Adriána Vančová