forces concert at marginalen festival

One last Forces concert for this year!

I will play next Monday 4th of December 2023 in a festival called Marginalen at the Viirus Theater here in Helsinki. Here’s a link for the event:

Also playing:
girlcrushcrushcrush and Tanja Valta.

I’m again building completely new set (a habit that I should get rid off as it takes too much time) and hopefully it should be interesting. Doing some kind of weird sample manipulation in SuperCollider, some cutting edge VST abuse + kind of janky and dated sounds from old hardware romplers; in this case the Yamaha RM1x. I think it’s fun to mix very different kind of tonalities and see what kind of primordial sound soup it will generate:)

Come if you are around! Atm it’s my last booked show for a while (ps. I’m available for booking:)).