‘Forces -Plastisphere’ cassette / digital album released on Czech label Genot Centre

After pretty much 20 years of electronic music making, my first proper solo album is now out!

Forces – Plastisphere limited edition cassette/digital was released by the Czech label Genot Centre on 11th of March. It was also premiered by the digital culture platform AQNB last week: http://www.aqnb.com/2018/03/09/finnish-producer-forces-considers-hybrid-bioforms-in-the-anthropocene-with-the-trembling-polluted-noise-of-plastisphere/

The name and theme of the album is derived from the concept of plastisphere; new era of organisms that have evolved to live from the plastic waste of our oceans. It’s is still unclear if these totally new lifeforms propose a threat to the existing lifeforms of the sea or a solution to the growing problem of plastic waste.

The album consist of nine improvised tracks with the audio program language SuperCollider from last summer. My working method is to repurpose existing source material, mainly contemporary EDM/Trance (Calvin Harris etc) to form totally new kinds of algoritmic compositions.

I see a parallel between these new creatures and my snippets of code. The plastisphere creatures are feeding of the human produced plastics in a similar manner as are my SuperCollider code/”viruses” feeding/transforming the plastic source material.

Cover design by: h5io