kadonnut aika

kadonnut aika (lost time)
sound installation part of a group exhibition “two million seconds” with juuso noronkoski and tuomo rainio at forum box gallery gallery, Helsinki April 2023
computer, 16-speaker multichannel generative audio, programming: custom supercollider program


Lost Time is a generative 16-channel sound installation controlled by parameters tied to the computer’s clock. The source material for the work is the 148-hour audiobook of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time novel series. Hours, minutes, seconds and calendar days continuously shape the sound and create a new time structure for it. The work is inspired by quantum physicist Carlo Rovelli’s notion that absolute time does not exist in a physical sense. Instead, each place has its own time, independent of other times.

Time actually exists only as we remember the past, experience the present and dream of the future. In the sound piece, fragments of memories from the audiobook spread throughout the gallery space, where they operate in their own temporal dimension. The programmed structure of the work compresses or extends the duration of the spoken sound. Clock-based changes guide the work independently and suggest a poetic interpretation.