Wild Palms Group: Dice + Archive (CD-R)
(CD) Record(able) Store Day special)

Wild Palms Group is one of the musical aliases of Finnish visual/sound artist & electronic musician Joonas Siren. Wild Palms Group is a project devoted to semi-improvised lo-fidelity House music.

For the global celebration of CD-R culture WPG will offer a unique and perhaps a risky album!

JS has 30 Wild Palms Group tracks on his hard drive, numbered sequentially as Project 01, Project 02 and so on. For the CD-R day he will make a complicated and random procedure to customize each of the CD-R ordered that day.

The procedure goes as follow:

Each of the ordered CD-R will have a 3D6 amount of tracks. This might look a bit cryptic, but it’s actually rather simple: 3D6 means that the amount of track will be three rolls of a dice with six sides/numbers thus 3D6. This would mean that the maximum number of tracks will be 18 or if you are extremely unlucky only 3.

Also the selection of track will be randomized with the help of a dice as follows: the first track that will be on the CD is 1D6, the second track will be 2D6, third 3D6 and so on. When the count goes past 30 he will distract with 1D6 so many time that the count is 30 or below. No track will be included multiple times, so if the roll count is the same that already rolled it is invalid and he would roll again for that track.

The album is only available on the global (CD) Record(able) Store Day on the 28th of November.

You can purchase the record by mailing JS directly at:

The price for the Dice + Archive CD-R is 6 euros (if you are Finland) and 9 euros if you are not. The postage cost is included. Payable by Paypal (or bank transfer in EU / Finland, or cash if in Helsinki) .

Each of the ordered CD-R’s will have a colorful customized cardboard covers.

Are you feeling lucky?