Teosto Prize nomination!

LKS 20230215 Helmi Kajaste (neljäs vasemmalta) ja työryhmä musiikkialan Teosto-palkintoehdokkaiden julkistustilaisuudessa Helsingissä 15. helmikuuta 2023. LEHTIKUVA / ANTTI HÄMÄLÄINEN

After some pretty unexpected turns I seem to be one of the nominees for this year’s big Teosto Prize for being one of the producers for Draama-Helmi‘s (Helmi Kajaste) album Draama-Helmi Kuistilla. Teosto is the music composer copyright organization a bit like Germany’s GEMA but maybe not quite that extreme. Still feels pretty weird after being involved in Helsinki electronic music underground for more than 20 years and then suddenly get nominated for a famous prize. I wasn’t even a member of Teosto before and I had to join in to accept the nomination! xD

Helmi is a good a friend and I have made three beats for her so far. (if you are unaware of Helmi’s work, start with this music video!):