SOLA post-festival club in January

Among my other artistic endeavours, I’m part of an association which runs an yearly festival for experimental music and moving image called: SOLA. You can find more info about last years festivals in a few posts below. Part of the festival should have been a separate pre-festival club night that was unfortunately cancelled. It was cancelled as the workers of the venue (the Helsinki main library Oodi) were on strike, but we still managed to do the same night almost 8 months later the end of January. More info below!

SOLA Post-Festival Club

Originally this event should have been organized 4th of May 2022, but due to the Helsinki city workers strike it was cancelled. We will now have the exact same lineup at the same place Tue 24th of January 2023!

On Tuesday 24th of January we celebrate the previous SOLA festival with a free of charge program! The main festival took place at WHS Theater Union 13th-14th of May.

In Oodi will have a selected short films of the renowned Finnish experimental film maker Saara Ekström and a musical performance by Ilpo Numminen and a live-art performance by Minerva Juolahti.

Minerva Juolahti: erottuminen(–)

The performative gesture approaches the processes of differentiation and non-differentiation through body and space. The work explores how sound and image can create and disclose spaces, on the other hand make them fade out, blend into each other.

Esityksellinen ele lähestyy erottumisen sekä ei-erottumisen prosesseja kehollisuuden ja tilan kautta. Teos tutkii sitä, miten ääni ja kuva voivat toisaalta luoda ja tuoda esiin tiloja, toisaalta häivyttää niitä.

Ilpo Numminen

Synthhead Ilpo Numminen has been blasting socks off with his hypnotic cosmic comps for years now. Ilpo’s unabashed love for krautrock inflects his playful and decidedly spaced-out musiikkia, most notably on his latest release on the venerable Lal Lal Lal label lovably titled I Guess You Could Call This A Long Play. Ecstatic delights to warm even the coldest of continental hearts!

For Oodi library Ilpo will give a introduction how to use modular synthesizer as an instrument, an especially the hosted in one of the studios in the library. After the presentation we will hear a special set using only the Oodi library’s modular synthesizer!

Saara Ekström

Saara Ekström works in film, photography, text and installation. Chronotopes where time and place densify, time that nurtures and erodes, the ambivalent desire to both remember and forget are at the core of her art. Ekström’s work has been shown extensively in various museums and festivals in Europe, the Americas and Asia. She received the Finnish media art prize AVEK-award in 2018 and the prizes of SW Finland in 2017, Finnish Art Society in 1995 and the Aboa prize in 1994. She has been the Helsinki Festival Artist in 2005 and was nominated for both Ars Fennica and Carnegie Art Award prizes in 2010.