October update 2014

Braunschweig PROJECTS 2013-2014

My scholarship/residency is coming to an end here in Braunschweig. Only the last two days left. Last week was the opening of our BS Projects 2013-2014 exhibition, where my Time Fractures (pictured above) piece was exhibited. I will do later on a better documentation to my works-page.

Other news, I got a studio grant from the Friends of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, which will cover a free studio in Suomenlinna for a year hosted by the Helsinki International Artist Programme (www.hiap.fi/). I am very grateful for this, because I haven’t had a proper studio since I graduated as a MFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. I am really looking forward to returning back to Helsinki and start working at Suomenlinna. Let’s see what comes out of that!