Muu for Ears 9 / Bergen release party

Hello, I have two tracks on this new compilation of Finnish and Norwegian sound art / experimental music Muu for Ears 9. My tracks are Exploring Amen (part 2) and Younghusband – Cosmic Rays from the Planet Altar.

Currently I’m writing this from Bergen, Norway where we are having a record release party at 8PM today at Lydgalleriet.

I will play the Exploring Amen live set, which is an exploration of the Amen Break made famous by the whole Drum ‘n Bass genre. I think it is interesting, how a simple drum sample constitues a whole genre of hunderds or thousands of different tracks. Two years ago I started to build my own experimentation of the break and I’m slowly building my own genre of experimental tracks made by only using the break in different ways.