Material Frequencies

Music Centre (Mannerheimintie 13 A, Helsinki)
Fri 27.1. – Sat 4.2.
Opening Fri 27.1. 5pm

Material Frequencies investigates the formant frequency of different materials in the Helsinki Music Centre. Every material has its on frequency where it starts to resonate. I find this physical aspect of sound very interesting and I wanted to make a sound installation based on the phenomenon.

Seven transducer speakers has been mounted on different materials in the Music Centre’s foyer. I have searched the formant frequency with simple changing the pitch of a sine wave oscillator. I programmed a computer to play this frequencies in a matter of random composition. The program also plays each frequencies overtone.

I want also to direct focus on to spaciality. Sounds from different sources creates a spacial experience, which can be experienced from different parts of the building.