work for marko vuokola at taidehalli

I’m sometimes available for commission for other artists (for coding based work, sound work, interactivity and video editing), and last March -23 I did a lot of different things in a big Marko Vuokola’s exhibition in Taidehalli called “Ocean of Love”.

I actually did two different coding based works with Processing language. Firstly I did a 7 large LCD screens + Raspberry Pi / Processing called “RGB 7 x 1677716” which was based on never-ending generative flow of large color fields (RGB 256*256*256) changing randomly after 10 seconds.

I also did some sound editing, an another Processing based animation and a large time-lapse photography video/animation project called “2 x 69076”, which was series of photography of a water glass, the water evaporating during a month. It was showed with a duplicate of itself but in a reverse direction, so it created a see-saw like effect of water evaporating / filling.

All and all, I really like working for Marko and working in a big institution like Taidehalli was actually super nice experience and the staff there are so welcoming and friendly!