evo-natura radio mix

An Austrian avant-garde concept label evo-natura was kind enough to ask me to do a radio mix, which aired on the Greek radio station Stegi radio on last Tuesday!

I wanted to do more of a historical take on experimental music, so I played a lot of different stuff from different decades from the 70s to 2020s. Sometimes I feel that the contemporary electronic music scene is quite stuck in the state of presence, but for me doing radio mixes is an interesting platform to do deeper digging into the legacy of experimental music in different times.

I have built a whole system in the SuperCollider programming language to mix multiple different tracks together with automated fade-ins and fade-outs, which is also fun way to do these.

The mix is 30min (playlist above) and the other half is from the Helsinki based artist / musician Romance Relic!

Listen here:


A few months ago, I actually did an another radio mix that would be fun to share it as well. I did it for the NYC based label/collective International Winners and for their States United show on n10-as radio. For this mix I mainly wanted showcase the different interesting video game composers mixed in with more contemporary glitch, experimental and club music. Listen here:


The playlist for IW show:

01. Ippu-Do – Fear For The Future x John Wall – [M – B] Version 1
02. Kota Hoshino (Lost Kingdoms II) – Card Shop
03. Soichi Terada – Dosukoi Wrestler Pumpin’
04. Nuno Canavarro – Wolfie
05. Tsukasa Saitoh (King’s Field IV) – City Ruins
06. Tujiko Noriko – Shore Angel
07. FreQuency (Keiichiro Segawa, Tsukasa Saitoh) (Eternal Ring)- Noah
08. Kota Hoshino (Evergrace II) – Camp
09. Angelforces – ???
10. Yoko Shimomura (Parasite Eve) – Arise within You
11. Ikue Mori – Small Fortune
12. Masahiko Kimura, Motoaki Furukawa, Mariko Egawa (Castlevania 64) – Castle Center
13. GS Sultan – Nightblind in Two Steps
14. Yoko Shimomura (Front Mission 1st) – Canyon Crow
15. Carl Stone – Sumiya
16. Nobuyoshi Sano (Tekken Tag Tournament) – Yoshimitsu Stage
17. Toiret Status – #149.5