Forces: (semi-abstract beat music)


Cleavage with Tuukka Salonen: (abstract, improvised, drone, noise)
Tietokoneduo J&J with Jani Purhonen: (abstract, improvised, beat based)
Zealous with Hermanni Keko (beat based, synth, lo-fi)

Outside productions:

‘Vihalista’, a beat for Draama-Helmi,

‘Itkeek√∂ vai ly√∂’ a beat for a beat for Draama-Helmi

Older solo aliases currenlty on hold:

Wild Palms Group: (lo-fi house)
DJ October: (footwork)
HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA: (loop / beat based, improvised)
Younghusband: (drone, noise, synth)