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May update 2014

An another month, an another residency.

This time it’s actually called a scholarship. I have been selected among two other sound artist (and five visual artists) to work here in Braunschweig six months by the Hochschüle fur Bildende Künste of Braunschweig. Luckily, the scholarships entails that I have to work minimium three months here, but I can also be half the time at home. So, I am traveling back and forth between Helsinki and Braunschweig the upcoming months.

I have been slowly regrouping my thoughts about what I am actually going to do here. I briefly googled Braunschweig before I came here and noticed that there is scientific facility called PTB here, which distributes time throughout Europe. This was fascinating news for me. I had never thought about the fact that the concepts of seconds, minutes and hours are in a sense completely artificial. There is no natural law that would dictate that the day should be divided to exactly 24 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds. In the PTB facility there is an atomic clock that gives us an scientific concept of a second. The PTB website explains:

“In the atomic clock the unit of time is realized in accordance with its definition. Caesium atoms are evaporated in a furnace. Each atom can be in one of the two states of lowest energy that caesium atoms can assume. After evaporation the atoms are magnetically sorted so that only atoms in one particular state reach the cavity resonator. There the atoms are irradiated by a magnetic microwave field and stimulated to change their state. After they have left the cavity resonator, the apparatus again sorts the atoms, this time collecting those that have changed their state in a special chamber. At a particular frequency of the microwave field, the maximum number is caught; this frequency is kept fixed and counted. After 9 192 631 770 periods one second has elapsed.”

At the moment, I am pretty sure my project will deal with this artificial concept of time in some way. Besides the atomic clock, I am also interested in metronomes. How music needs to fit inside a strict counter, a clock in a sense. The final work might be a project dealing with both concepts.

December update 2013



Tomorrow starts the last week of my residency here in Quebec City, Canada. I am grateful that I was able work alongiside with the great people of Avatar co-op.

I managed to pull off one installation/exhibition, which you can read about here.

Four months is relatively long period for residency, so I am also pretty happy to return to Finland couple of days before Christmas.

Don’t really know what happens next year, but still looking forward for it. I try to keep my webpage updated!

Happy holidays!

September update 2013



That is a picture of Montmorency Falls in Quebec City, Canada. As you can see, I am not currently in Helsinki. I am doing an artistic residency here in Quebec at La Center Méduse at Avatar Co-Op. Avatar is specialized for sound and electronic art and I am really happy to be here.

I have been here now two and half weeks. I have been mainly collecting field recording sounds, especially sounds of grashoppers for a installation idea that I have had a long time. The idea is to do a work about the subject of aging and the inevitalbe loss of hearing in the frequencies where the grasshoper sing. I took also my modular synthesizer with me, which I have been playing daily.

Not much to tell, otherwise. I’ll go to visit Montreal at some point, but otherwise this Fall will basically be me just quietly working here in my apartment/studio. I’ll post later some updates, when I’ll get some work finished.

Also, the works page is now updated to have all my exhibited work.


July update

Hello, unfortunately I have been rather lazy this year with updating my site. The works pages are missing works from my solo exhibition “Ether Vortex – and other fantasies about infinity” and my graduation piece “Fall/Rapture” from the spring exhibition of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. I try to update these during summer.


Second part of my master thesis for Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Fall/Rapture is now exhibited at the school’s spring exhibition Kuvan kevät. It’s open until 2.6.

Some information about my work from the catalog text I wrote:


How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!
Isaiah 14:12

Fall/Rapture is a 16-channel sound instal- lation which is located in a six-storey stairwell next to the lobby of the Acade- my of Fine Arts. Speakers are attached to a wire and lowered down from the ceiling to the floor. Sounds are continuously rising and descending, creating a spatial experience.

The theme of my work is to contemplate the idea of transcendence with sound. I have included pieces from two very different musical genres in my work – black metal and gospel – which can be thought of as representing the same kind of longing for transcendence, although from widely differ- ing perspectives. The name of the work is a direct reference to the Biblical story of Lucifer being cast down from heaven, and also to the notion of rapture used by fundamentalist Christians.

There was already some press coverage about the exhibition in Finnish:


Two last days of Ether Vortex

My MFA-degree show at the Gallery of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (Kasarminkatu 44) is reaching its end in two days.

The last day is Sunday 7th of April.

Here is some documentation:

Particle Collider (prototype)

-installation, 2013


Beyond Event Horizon

-Processing coding/video installation

Ether Vortex -exhibition

I’ll have my first solo show in two weeks at the gallery of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (Kasarminkatu 44). The opening is at 21.3. 18-20 and after that the exhibition is open from 22.3. to 7.4. every day 11-18. At the opening there will be music performances by Cleavage (Tuukka Salonen & Joonas Siren) and Tulasi (Veli-Matti Ikävalko & J.Koho).

The exhibition will be consisting of three installations, one purely sound, one sound/object and one video/sound.

Thematically the exhibition revolves around the concept of invisibility and/or ephemerality.

Modular Glory

In the Fall of 2012 I was very productive with my new modular synthesizer, so the SoundCloud account of Younghusband has filled with many different tracks. Here are bunch of them:

Vexations (x2) (whitecolors project 8)

A late post, but still worth of mentioning and documenting; we organized a special nine hour experimental music evening at Café Kiasma exactly one week ago (12.10.2012). The event was based on Erik Satie’s Vexations composition, but every artist used only the MIDI data of the composition, each with their own methods. I think it was a pretty successful evening all and all, and I think I’ll continue with the MIDI investigation.

Here is the more in-depth text about the event:

Vexations (x2)

Fri 12.10. @ Café Kiasma (Mannerheiminaukio 2, Helsinki)

12 PM – 21 PM

AROUND 1893, Erik Satie composed a piece called Vexations. Consisting of swaying notes and chords, the piece lasts only a few minutes, but at the bottom of the sheet Satie included a mysterious and perhaps humorous instruction: “To be repeated 840 times”. Although Satie himself apparently never performed the piece, it has since then been performed several times. The first and perhaps the most famous of the performances was the eighteen-hour session organized by John Cage in 1963.

The Whitecolors collective and Kiasma give a contemporary feel to Satie’s composition. Twelve experimental musicians will use a MIDI score of Vexations playing at double speed on their own electronic devices or computers, or use the visuality of the MIDI notes in some totally different way. The idea is to create a series of different performances that will all nevertheless have the same starting point.

Lasting throughout the day, the event also reflects Satie’s concept of ‘furniture music’ (musique d’ameublement) that sees music as an inseparable part of the environment.

Whitecolors is an open collective specialising in site-specific works and concerts. Its first project was a 24-hour Dream House concert dedicated to the composer La Monte Young, held on the island of Harakka off Helsinki in June 2011 in co-operation with the Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts.


Kiiskinen (Tero Niskanen)
Lauri Wuolio
Kimmo Modig
Teemu Korpipää
Marjatta (Samuli Kytö)
Krokogom (Antti Kangas & Tuomas Kärkkäinen)
Ranjit Menon
Till Bovermann
Dear Beloved Henry (Tuukka Salonen)
Younghusband (Joonas Siren)

Aavemaa experimental radio show

I have been hosting a weekly experimental radio program with my friend/bandmate Tuukka Salonen since 12th of August ’12. You can hear it on Sundays at Lähiradio 100.3 MHz 5PM – 6PM. We also podcast every show at our Tumblr site

We usually have studio guest who play live or we listen to their recorded output and discuss etc. We try to cover different spectres of the experimental music in Helsinki and Finland.

The list of our shows so far:

23.9. Hyster Tapes
16.9. Folkhälsan
9.9. Tuukka Haapakorpi
2.9. J.Koho
26.8. Lauri Wuolio & Pietari Kylmälä
19.8. Eero Pulkkinen & Teemu Iltola
12.8. Cleavage

More info

Nordic Sound Art final exhibition [opening day]

Here is a early documentation of the final Glossolalia work. I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to document the building phases after monday. The opening was yesterday and I did this short video clip couple hours before it.

I would do a proper documentation version on the following days.

Nordic Sound Art final exhibition [building day 3 – towards Glossolalia]

I’m here in Roskilde building my final work for the Nordic Sound Art MA-program called Glossolalia in the Roskilde Contemporary Art Museum. Glossolalia is a sound installation / sculpture. It consist of a upside down tree, “growing” from the ceiling made entirely from all kind of black cables (electric, data, audio). On top of the branches of the cable tree are 16 speakers, were sounds are coming from. The aural part of the piece are glossolalia (commonly known speaking in tongues) samples collected from YouTube. A Max/MSP patch is panning the samples through the different branches. The sounds are also phasing between processed and unprocessed states.

Here is an early sketch drawn by Helmi Kajaste of the piece:


It is now day tree of building the damn thing. On the first day, Friday 20th of April 2012, I went with the museum people to a scrapyard to get enough cables. I got total of 130 kg, which should be enough.

Here are some of my cables:

And here:


I’m using a plumbin pipe as a constructio for the tree trunk. From metal wires I’ll twist the formation for the different branches. I just painted the whole thing black and at the moment it looks like this:


This is my exhibition space (notice the early formation of the roots in the ceiling):


The opening is next Friday, so I have still six solid working days to finish the thing. I’ll keep documenting how does it progress through the whole process. Tomorrow, I’ll hopefully start to wire the cables from the ceiling to the tree and by Wednesday I should be done with that.


Muu for Ears 9 / Bergen release party

Hello, I have two tracks on this new compilation of Finnish and Norwegian sound art / experimental music Muu for Ears 9. My tracks are Exploring Amen (part 2) and Younghusband – Cosmic Rays from the Planet Altar.

Currently I’m writing this from Bergen, Norway where we are having a record release party at 8PM today at Lydgalleriet.

I will play the Exploring Amen live set, which is an exploration of the Amen Break made famous by the whole Drum ‘n Bass genre. I think it is interesting, how a simple drum sample constitues a whole genre of hunderds or thousands of different tracks. Two years ago I started to build my own experimentation of the break and I’m slowly building my own genre of experimental tracks made by only using the break in different ways.

New Younghusband track

Just recorded a new improvised Younghusband track. Having fun with synthesizers + effects, but the same old Drone thing.

Also added to the Music page.

I try to start session and record more of my own stuff this year. Maybe do a complete demo at some point. Having also thoughts of diving into the modular synth world, which I find pretty interesting. The Muff Wiggler forum has lot of info on different modules and how to start to build your own system. I would assume that it would offer more sonic freedom + happy, chaotic mistakes. I’ll try to document my progress with the Modules later on during this year.